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Doctor's Voice brings forward the views and opinions of Doctors from across the country to enable decision making which is backed by data and hard evidence.

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Who are we?

Doctors Voice is a digital platform providing free access to the results of hundreds of clinically significant Polls & Surveys for public healthcare managers, members of academia, and the healthcare industry ( pharmaceuticals, hospitals, medical devices, etc) that can aid in their decision-making for the delivery of better health services in India. Doctor’s Voice is a powerful tool for individuals, organizations, and bodies seeking to create a long-term and sustainable impact on Indian healthcare.
We are a team of believers passionate about building a free platform providing free access to the results of hundreds of clinically significant Polls & Surveys for healthcare managers. We know the benefits will finally flow to the entire healthcare industry through the delivery of accessible, equitable & affordable care! .
We have a network of 700,000+ doctors in India. With this widespread network of Doctors, get access to medical information directly from the HCPs.
As a scalable platform for discussion & knowledge multiplication, Doctor's Voice seeks to provide industry insights that are current and relevant. The platform leverages innovative data and audio technologies to take pharmaceutical industry collaboration to a new level. This allows Pharmaceuticals to trust us with product launch research, any required survey they need, and also polls regarding their brands and products.
Doctor's Voice proprietary knowledge engine creates a digital encyclopedia of experiential medicine content from the insights we receive from our network of doctors. These highly engaging, concise, practical discussions and Q&A with webinars for and by the Pharmaceutical stalwarts are helpful for networking and knowledge sharing.

What do we do?

Doctor's Voice provides a Platform where under a single Digital roof all industry-related insights and knowledge about recent happenings can be accessed.


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